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For Two Quarters, Broken Wings - The Coins of Time & Attention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

For Two Quarters, Broken Wings [Jan. 2nd, 2013|08:02 pm]

[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-04 03:41 am (UTC)

i wish


oh sure, several, inked, colored, all that. in fact, the original story idea was a large sci-fi one that only began from my own immediate reality. it could've began totally fictionally even easier. my studio's down for now, alas. i scanned in the penciled pages recently just to have them in digital form, seeing as how it became unlikely at that point they'd ever get inked...

i too liked showing the behind the scenes penciling, i admit. adriano di vicentiis sophiabd had done that on occasion and i really loved it. (hey adriano!)