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Elegantly Wild Terms Of Estrangement - The Coins of Time & Attention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

Elegantly Wild Terms Of Estrangement [Jan. 4th, 2013|03:09 am]
one has to deal with things on their own terms. why not take it all in wholecloth. why not take it all the way. on one's own terms. why not go to france, back in time, to the moon, to 3am, to the end of the river, to ground. why not go, go, go. be a gone daddy-o, as offbeat as any. a 100% reality channel switch. out. one can. he did, and he did, and she did, and that other guy. an entire roster of heartful good people of quietude and solitude. unratified artists all. unamerican for all that, and nowadays would mean unearthly in a noncultured world as wordless as disney world.
    one must deal with things on their own terms. one must. one must deal with one's self on one's own terms. what are your terms. these are mine.

i left my home in the valley and went up cold mountain. coming down, i went up the other side come the inevitable flood. as gone as any. as dead as if offline. skyrise, skyfall, and the sky bent down to cold mountain. han shan gone, no whisper left. cold mountain has it's own terms. count your blessings. the fish are still clean there and safe to eat, and as plentiful as the snow.
    i went where the old weirdos were. i went where the mad felt right. i went where no children were, or should be. i went where the holy were as quiet as the wind and even more unadorned. i went to that impossible place where all was gentled by it's own very nature.
    tiny statuettes in the ditch. tiny paintings in the branches. the road lined with ancient telegraphs. the sky dotted with zipatone. the rocks lined with mascara. the dirt sifted clean every day. out entirely. this was not america any longer. this was an older earth, a newer earth, a different earth. not earth at all. nothing that the word escape could even ever apply to. the ever undiscoverable itself.

come the earthly scenario, zenith far behind, a time and place for everything as always.

my name is the radiating grin of sheer triphammer heart.

[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-04 11:08 am (UTC)

E Unibus Pluram


we are the toothless and the county-housed. we are the aged and the infirm. we are the confused and the fanatically certain.
even as you are one of us so too i am one of them.
[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-06 12:21 pm (UTC)

Lost Souls


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[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-04 08:40 pm (UTC)

The World and It's Double


"Culture denies experience. We all have had, and even a population of non-psychedelic people have had, prophetic dreams, intimations, unlikely strings of coincidences, all of these sort of things. These are all experiences, which cultures deny."
"We live at the end of a thousand year binge on the philosophical position known as materialism in its many guises."
"We're literally at the end of our rope. Reason and science and the practice of unbridled capitalism have not delivered us into an angelic realm."
"So we're in, essentially, a tragic situation. A tragic situation is a catastrophe when you know it."
"Boundary dissolution is the most threatening activity that can go on in a society. People, meaning government institutions, become very nervous when people begin to talk to each other."
"I think of history as a kind of mass psychedelic experience, and the drug is technology."
"We have packed more change into the last 10,000 years than the billion years which preceded it. And yet, as entities, as animals, meat, we have not changed at all in 10,000 years."
"What psychedelics do, and I think this isn't too challengeable, is they catalyze imagination. They drive you to think what you would not think otherwise."
"Notice that the enterprise of human history is nothing more than the fallout created by strange ideas."
"We have the tools that would allow us to sculpt paradise, but we have the reflexes and value systems of anthropoid apes of some sort."
"Our entire psychology is characterized by a profound discontent."
[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-05 07:43 pm (UTC)

The First Principle


When one goes to Obaku temple in Kyoto he sees carved over the gate the words "The First Principle". The letters are unusually large, and those who appreciate calligraphy always admire them as being a mastepiece. They were drawn by Kosen two hundred years ago.

When the master drew them he did so on paper, from which the work men made the large carving in wood. As Kosen sketched the letters a bold pupil was with him who had made several gallons of ink for the calligraphy and who never failed to criticise his master's work.

"That is not good," he told Kosen after his first effort.

"How is this one?"

"Poor. Worse than before," pronounced the pupil.

Kosen patiently wrote one sheet after another until eighty-four First Principles had accumulated, still without the approval of the pupil.

Then when the young man stepped outside for a few moments, Kosen thought: "Now this is my chance to escape his keen eye," and he wrote hurriedly, with a mind free from distraction: "The First Principle."

"A masterpiece," pronounced the pupil.
[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-05 08:13 pm (UTC)

Peter Webster


Peter Webster articulates in detail the shift of repression into prohibition-as-religion:

In the following quotation from a book by David A. J. Richards, we see how this repudiation has translated itself into modern times, how it has become a general, inbuilt, default perspective about the Christian religion that dominates the outlook of theologians and Church members alike. Now please bear with me, this quote is important but a bit tricky to understand when spoken rather than read. For the benefit of those wishing to read the quote, as well as my entire talk today, I have made it available at my website. More on that later. Here is the quotation:"Shamanic possession and ecstasy, at the heart of much earlier religion, becomes, from [the perspective of the Church's repudiation], one form of demonic or satanic witchcraft, a charge that Catholic missionaries made against the shamanic practices they encountered in the New World. The leading contemporary defender of this Judaeo-Christian repudiation, R. C. Zaehner, has argued that the technology of the self implicit in the orthodox western religions requires an unbridgeable gap between the human and the divine, expressed in the submission of the self to ethical imperatives by which persons express their common humanity and a religious humility. Accordingly, western, in contrast to non-western mystical experience, expresses the distance between the human and the divine. Drugs, including alcohol, are ruled out as stimuli to religious experience because they bridge this distance, indulging the narcissistic perception that the user himself is divine and thus free of the constraints of ethical submission." (End of quote)Ethical submission to authority, there we have it. Whereas Eastern religion and philosophy has little problem with perceiving mankind and all creation as a manifestation of the Divine, quite capable of judging right from wrong, the Catholic Church, and today its political descendants, want us to be submissive, to laud their authority, and to never get the idea that we may in fact know as much about things as they do. I've read this quotation many times, and its great importance only slowly became obvious to me. It explains many things about contemporary attitudes to both religion and drugs, and why so many otherwise intelligent people will automatically support notions such as "drugs are wrong" and refuse even to consider their convictions through rational processes based on evidence and logic. Nietzsche's condemnation of convictions being more dangerous enemies of truth than lies becomes even more to the point.
Peter Webster - Vienna speech March 8 2008.mp3
the last big chunk of this speech goes on to talk about mankind's proclivity toward 'Malignant Aggression', it's possible origin, and consequences. all of which i'd always called 'The Dominator Culture', and attributed it to the alcohol culture grown out of the mead discovered thanks to the fermented honey the sacred mushrooms were inadvertently preserved in (inadvertent fermentation that is). Peter chalks it up to Xenophobia, fear of The Others.

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[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-05 08:26 pm (UTC)

Paddy Ashdown



"The multinational corporations now developing budgets often bigger than medium-sized countries -these live in a global space which is largely unregulated, not subject to the rule of law, and in which people may act free of constraint." (Paddy Ashdown)

Paddy Ashdown claims that we are living in a moment in history where power is changing in ways it never has before. In a spellbinding talk he outlines the three major global shifts that he sees coming. (Filmed at TEDxBrussels.)

Paddy Ashdown is a former member of the British Parliament and a diplomat with a lifelong commitment to international cooperation.
[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-05 08:45 pm (UTC)

Eben Moglen (among others)


[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-07 06:14 pm (UTC)

Suite Francaise


Suite Francaise, by Irene Nemirovsky, a book about WWII France like no other.
Paints vividly the background to the central circumstances of my own mother's life; what she had eluded.
    The author's own life story is poignant, her attitudes uncomplicated, uncompromised, which is what Suite Francaise may be completely about: to be compromised or not.

From the inside front jacket cover:
'Coexisitng uneasily with the soldiers billeted among them, the villagers -from aristocrats to shopkeepers to peasants -cope as best they can. Some choose resistance, others collaboration, and as their community is transformed by these acts, the lives of these men and women reveal nothing less than the very essence of humanity.'Suite Francaise
Suite Francaise, by Irene Nemirovsky, a book about WWII France like no other.
Paints vividly the background to the central circumstances of my own mother's life; what she had eluded.
    The author's own life story is poignant, her attitudes uncomplicated, uncompromised, which is what Suite Francaise may be completely about: to be compromised or not.

Edited at 2013-01-07 06:15 pm (UTC)
[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-08 09:45 pm (UTC)

The Red Book, by C. G. Jung


[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-11 06:46 pm (UTC)

Steal This Debate (or Debate For The Hell Of It)


[User Picture]From: zuma
2013-01-11 08:53 pm (UTC)

Ah Pook Is Here